Bluehost Web Hosting Review and Coupons

Bluehost is one of the oldest and most reliable hosting services that you can find online. What makes it great is that you will have no problem accessing the best possible discounts and value without that much of a problem. The website is always focused on customer value and quality, and they do bring in front some of the most powerful, stable servers that you can find on the market.

Bluehost Hosting plans and pricing

There are multiple types of hosting, but usually you will have 3 different variants for each type of hosting. This includes:

  • Basic which is $7.99 per month
  • Plus which is $10.99 per month
  • Prime which is $14.99 per month.

Prices can be a bit higher depending on the situation and what type of hosting service you need. But it can definitely be quite an interesting experience to be had in here and the results will be quite impressive because of that.

Bluehost review

The Bluehost hosting experience is very good. They always keep a 99.9% uptime, so you don’t really get to see any downtime with your website which is great. At the same time, they do a very good job when it comes to keeping the costs low. The prices are pretty small to begin with, but you can make them even smaller with the right discounts. So yes, Bluehost doesn’t cost a lot and it does come with a really good uptime.

The website speed is also rather good. You do have around 50-100ms for most servers, and even the ones afar won’t go over 400ms. As a result, you do get a pretty good speed, which does go to show that the value and quality is indeed there.

Also, the Bluehost support team is good too. They have live chat support which is great, and they also have CDN support, something that does make their hosting a lot faster.

As for the interface and control panel, we have only great things to say. They invested a lot to ensure that the Bluehost experience is great. And you can easily install various platforms and tools on your site, plugins, extensions, etc. The interface is really intuitive, and that does make it one of the best options out there because of it.

Flexibility is key with Bluehost, and that’s certainly something that you want to check out. Sure, they do have some outages and the renewal rates are a bit high. That being said, you can always stop your hosting and find another small price for the entire year.

Bluehost Web Hosting Coupons

Yes, Bluehost does come with a huge range of coupons. The most popular one is around 50%, but they also have a coupon that can make your hosting 90% cheaper at times. So yes, you can get a very good value for your money here. And if you use the right coupon, you can have inexpensive hosting in no time. Combine that with their professional hosting experience, and you will see why a lot of people consider them to be the best in the industry!

SiteGround Web Hosting Review and Coupons

Siteground is maybe one of the best and most popular hosting services that you can find on the market. The company was created in 2004, but they have been constantly offering high quality hosting services since then. This goes to show their focus and commitment to delivering value and quality at a very low price. They have around 300+ employees right now and they span over 3 continents with 4 data centers.

Siteground hosting plans

You have multiple hosting plans here. First you have Startup, which is $3.95 per month. Then you can get SSL, Supercacher and WordPress or Joomla staging for $7.95 for each month. And if you do need more things like fewer accounts on server, one click Git Repo Creation and so on, you can get that at the GoGeek level which is $14.95 per month. The prices are pretty impressive, but also a bit higher when compared to some of the other hosting plans that you can find on this list.

Siteground review

Right off the bat, what I like the most is the fact that they are always reliable. In some months you can reach 100% uptime, but even so you do have around 99.9% uptime most of the time. It really is a very distinct experience and one that you will enjoy a lot. You will be quite amazed with the results and you are bound to like the adjacent features they deliver too.

The server speed test is pretty good too. It’s not the ultimate speed and it could be a bit better, but it’s more than ok for most of the sites out there. That alone makes it special and it offers that sense of value and quality you expect from things like this.

Two of their data centers are in Europe, one is in Asia and one in the US. So, they do cover most of the world and the speeds don’t have to suffer in any way. Their support team is also very responsive. They do reply to emails and phone, but the best option is certainly via live chat. Getting instant replies is always helpful, and they are quite reliable and professional in this regard.

The company policy is focused on value. Also, they do focus a lot on solving various security problems, which can and may appear from time to time. The renewal fees do tend to go up as you renew this, but the overall costs are not as bad as you may imagine. That’s certainly a very good thing to take into consideration.

Siteground coupons

We found the Siteground coupons to be quite good. You get around 45% or sometimes 50% off for your hosting service, which is pretty good. The company is very focused on quality and convenience, and they do work hard to ensure that you receive the best experience as well. As a whole, we are very happy with the Siteground results and the fact that you can use coupons to make the costs even lower is certainly a no-brainer!

Temok Web Hosting Review and Coupons

Temok is a pretty new hosting service and domain registrar. The best thing to note about it is that it can provide you some really good hosting quality and value with your purchase. The discounts are very good here and the team is known to be very responsive. Basically, if you want to work with the Temok pros, you will be in some very good hands.

Temok hosting plans and pricing

They have 4 plans here. The Starter plan is $7.99 per month, Premium is $9.99 per month, and then you have business at $11.99/mo and First Class at $12.99 for each month. You do have more RAID protected storage with the increasing costs, otherwise the benefits are pretty much the same. Temok offers free setup and support. So, if you do need help from them and it’s pretty hard to complete the installation tasks, they will either set it up for you or find the right way to solve the situation as fast as possible. It makes a lot of sense, and it definitely brings in front some rather nifty benefits and opportunities for you to explore.

Temok review

Despite the fact that it’s rather new, Temok does bring in front some very good speeds. They are also a domain registrar, so you can easily use them as a domain service and as a host too if you so desire. The included 24/7 support does a very good job at replying fast. You will also notice that they do have tons of different options like VPS web servers, cloud databases and reseller web hosting. So, if you do want to get a lot of value for your money, this can come in handy.

The control panel is not the best, but it’s functional and it does include just about all the features that you may need from something like this. They also have support for unlimited MYSQL databases, which is incredibly special. The unlimited bandwidth is astonishing too.

You can also get additional security features like SSL, as well as a plethora of other options. The load times are fast, although you can get up to 500 ms at times based on some servers. It’s still impressive, and one of the reasons why you may want to try out Temok’s services for sure.

Another thing to consider here is the unique experience that they can deliver. The company is known for being very resilient, but they are also focused on quality too. They work very hard to ensure that all services are legit and professional. And yes, the results are great.

Temok coupons

The Temok coupons can slash up to 50% from the total costs. But if you also want a really good discount, you may want to opt for a longer commitment time. If you opt for 3 years of hosting, you can get up to 30%-40% discount, so that’s quite impressive to be honest. It just shows that you can get a rather interesting experience, and the results will be pretty great in the end.

HostGator Web Hosting Review and Coupons

HostGator Inc was created in 2002 and since then it began to conquer the world as one of the most affordable and reliable hosting solutions on the market. There are a lot of things to like about HostGator, starting with their attention to detail and the value that they can deliver. They do have some really good features, and even if they can be a bit expensive when compared to the competition, they do deserve the extra money due to stability and quality.

Hosting plans and pricing

They tend to have 3 different hosting plans. The first one is hatchling, which is around $6.95 per month and you do get unmetered bandwidth and other features for this. If you want to get unlimited domains, you opt for the Baby option, which is $8.95 per month. The business option is also $10.95 per month, but it also has free VoIP phone, private SSL and IP, as well as other functions. Overall, the prices are pretty good, and considering the fact that you can get a discount and use coupons, you won’t have to pay a lot of money for hosting.

HostGator review

HostGator has a 99.9% uptime, sometimes it can even go to the fabled 100%. But as you can imagine, no service is perfect, they do have a few failures, but there aren’t a lot of those, and in the end that’s certainly a very good thing to consider for sure.

The hosting speed is very good too. Usually even the largest response time will be under 350 ms, so the hosting service is very good. According to the Bitcatcha tool, HostGator has an A rating for performance. This says a lot when it comes to the quality and value you can obtain from something like this. You will be very impressed with how efficient they are and the quality you receive from this service. It really is worth your time and effort, so you should totally keep that in mind.

Also, a lot of bloggers use HostGator. In fact, most of them tend to focus on this website because it works really well and it has a very good uptime. The fast speeds are also appealing.

Even business users are happy with the HostGator solutions, and they are very impressed with how easy to customize the entire experience really is. They do have some extra features like professional emails, Sitelock monitoring and backups for your work which do add up to deliver amazing value.

HostGator coupons

The coupons tend to remove around 30% or up to 50% of everything here. It’s clear that HostGator has a lot of quality, and the fact that you can use HostGator coupons to make the price even lower is amazing. You are free to make the right pick here, but thankfully you will find a plethora of coupons online and direct links to make the purchase even more appealing. Once you find a deal for HostGator, you should take it, as the service is well worth it!